Learn New Things and Change Your View: Heavy Construction Equipment

How to transport heavy equipment safely and effectively

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Heavy haulage transport is a necessary but dangerous branch of the transportation industry. If you need to transport heavy equipment, the safest way is to hire a professional heavy haulage transport firm. However, if you have experience driving these types of vehicles and have access to a truck of the proper size and qualifications, you can do it yourself as well. In order to transport heavy equipment to make the drive as hassle free as possible, while still keeping you and your load safe, there are a few things you should think about.


Plan the route you want to take long before setting off on the actual drive. This makes it easier to plan the fastest route to your destination, but, more importantly, it gives you the chance to examine the conditions on the road you want to take beforehand. Some roads might have construction work performed on them which can prevent you from passing safely with your heavy haulage truck. There might also be bridges or other unforeseen structures that are too low for your truck to pass under. If you feel hesitant about which route to take, you should contact a transport professional that can help you out with choosing the best route.


Have all data about your cargo written down and placed in the truck before you take off. Write down the dimensions of the load, what chemicals might be in it, and if there are any considerations to take with handling it. You should, for example, write if you're carrying high pressure equipment. This is extra important if you don't plan on driving the entire way yourself, but need to switch driver after a while that might not be as up to date as you on they're actually transporting. It's also very important if you were to be in an accident, as the rescue team need to know how to handle your cargo in case you're too injured to tell them yourself.


Make sure that your load is safely fastened on your truck. Heavy equipment falling off a truck in high speed can cause significant damage to both vehicles and people. Use ties made for the weight you're transporting and secure the load with a heavy duty net on top to make sure that no smaller parts on top of the equipment comes off as you're driving. Make sure that you examine the ties and chains regularly as you're driving as well, even if you're sure you fastened it correctly before driving off. The movements of the truck can cause ties to come loose or break.