Learn New Things and Change Your View: Heavy Construction Equipment

  • Need Your House Demolished? What You Should Know First

    28 July 2016

    If you are doing a major remodel of your house, demolition might be required. This may be demolition of just one small area or a large portion of the house. Before you start the demolition, there are a few things you should know first. Have Inspections Done It is important that you not just start having your house demolished without first knowing exactly what is being torn down. If the house was to have a lot of mould, it could cause illness not just to the workers, but any family members who were in the vicinity at the time.

  • Should You Buy or Rent Heavy-Duty Equipment? Some Factors to Consider

    29 June 2016

    Many pieces of heavy-duty equipment are actually available for rent or hire to contractors, so that you don't always need to buy the items you need for your business. However, you might wonder if buying is the right choice so you always have that equipment available. Note a few factors to consider so you know if heavy-duty equipment hire is the best choice, or if you should consider buying those pieces outright.

  • How to Tell If It's Time to Upgrade to a Flail Mower

    23 June 2016

    A flail mower refers to a type of mower that is meant to handle tougher vegetation and brush, which cannot usually be cut by a standard lawnmower. Many flail mowers are attachments that get pulled or towed behind a tractor or other such heavy-duty equipment, rather than riding the mower itself or trying to push it along. If you're not sure if your property is right for a flail mower and don't know if you should invest in this type of mower, note a few factors to consider.

  • What to Consider With Your First Crane Rental for Construction Work

    1 June 2016

    Many contractors or construction company owners rent cranes for their work, as it's usually cheaper overall than owning and then storing and maintaining their own crane. Because renting a crane is not like renting a car, you need to ensure you consider all factors involved when choosing a crane rental. If you're relatively new to the construction industry or are just now starting to take on high-rise work that needs a crane, note a few of those factors here so you get the right option for your needs.

  • What to Ask When Considering an Access Equipment Hire

    1 June 2016

    Access equipment refers to equipment you use to access elevated surfaces and to work at elevated heights. This might include cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and the like. Not all access equipment is alike and you may not have much experience in renting it, either for a home project or for working on a construction site, so note a few questions to ask or factors to consider when you're ready to rent.

  • Different Augers You Can Use With Earthmoving Equipment

    31 May 2016

    If you are planning on engaging in a landscaping project on your property, chances are you will be opting for earthmoving hire. This is an economical way to have the right equipment that you need without having to break the bank investing in purchasing equipment that you will not use on a regular basis. However, opting for earthmoving hire is just the first step. Another thing you would have to consider is what attachments you would need to pair up with the earthmoving equipment to facilitate your project.

  • What You Need to Know About a Tipper Truck Hire

    16 May 2016

    A tipper truck, or dump truck as it's sometimes called, can be needed for landscaping or excavating work, delivering sod and soil, and for rubbish removal. You can often hire or rent a tipper truck for home use, whatever your needs and application. Note a few things to remember about such a hire and be sure you've discussed all the details with a rental agency before you decide on the truck for you.

  • 4 Signs It Is Time to Change the Seals on Your Hydraulic Cylinder

    12 May 2016

    Without seals, it is impossible for a hydraulic cylinder to work correctly, and it is important to change the seals on your hydraulic cylinder as needed. Wondering if it is time to change your seals? Here are a few signs that now is the time: 1. The seals are visibly worn. If you notice that a seal is broken or has ripped, worn edges, it needs to be replaced. Similarly, if it is thinning, it also needs to be replaced before friction completely effaces it.

  • Choosing between scrapers and articulated haulers for your earthmoving project

    9 May 2016

    Earthmoving is a necessary procedure when you're building a new home, as you'll need to dig a foundation for your house. There are many considerations that need to be taken when it comes to performing your own excavation. You'll need to make sure that it's safe and that you dig just deep enough, but you also need to make sure you have the right equipment. For earthmoving projects, it's common to use either a scraper or an articulated hauler to get rid of the soil dug up from the ground.

  • How to transport heavy equipment safely and effectively

    27 April 2016

    Heavy haulage transport is a necessary but dangerous branch of the transportation industry. If you need to transport heavy equipment, the safest way is to hire a professional heavy haulage transport firm. However, if you have experience driving these types of vehicles and have access to a truck of the proper size and qualifications, you can do it yourself as well. In order to transport heavy equipment to make the drive as hassle free as possible, while still keeping you and your load safe, there are a few things you should think about.