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What You Need to Know About a Tipper Truck Hire

by Nisanur Kronenberg

A tipper truck, or dump truck as it's sometimes called, can be needed for landscaping or excavating work, delivering sod and soil, and for rubbish removal. You can often hire or rent a tipper truck for home use, whatever your needs and application. Note a few things to remember about such a hire and be sure you've discussed all the details with a rental agency before you decide on the truck for you.

1. Note if you need a special driver's license

Some tipper trucks are so small and compact that you don't need any special operator's or driver's license to operate them, but remember that some are very large and considered heavy-duty trucks, suitable for construction or commercial work only. Before you decide on any truck, you want to note if there are special license requirements, and also note if they can be handled easily when it comes to operating the tipper. If you've never been at the controls of a heavy-duty truck, this may be more complicated than you imagine, so choose one with simple gears or shifters that are easy to manage.

2. Note the clearance needed 

If you're bringing the tipper truck to your own property, you may know that a standard truck can easily fit between your home and garage or other outbuildings, but some tipper trucks have a back end that is much wider than the cab. You need to understand the measurements and clearance required for the truck, especially if you're looking to get something that holds a large capacity of dirt. It might be good to get a truck that is longer rather than wider, so it can fit easily on your property.

3. Ask about the material you'll be hauling

If you'll be hauling gravel or loose dirt, you want a tipper truck with a cover that will protect your material from actually blowing away. If you'll be hauling rubbish, you want a tipper with walls that fold down for easier loading. 

Note too that if you'll be filling in trenches, you might want a side tipper. This is one that tips to the side rather than to the back; this makes filling in long trenches easier than if you unloaded material out the back and then had to manually fill in a trench. Discuss your options with your rental agency (like Eastern Plant Hire) as they can usually offer some good recommendations based on the use of the tipper truck.