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Different Augers You Can Use With Earthmoving Equipment

by Nisanur Kronenberg

If you are planning on engaging in a landscaping project on your property, chances are you will be opting for earthmoving hire. This is an economical way to have the right equipment that you need without having to break the bank investing in purchasing equipment that you will not use on a regular basis. However, opting for earthmoving hire is just the first step. Another thing you would have to consider is what attachments you would need to pair up with the earthmoving equipment to facilitate your project. One of the more common attachments that can be used for a myriad of purposes is the auger. These range from handheld augers used for simple digging to powerful earthmoving augers. Here are some of the different augers that you can use with earthmoving equipment hire. 

Basic auger

The basic auger functions primarily for drilling holes into the ground. This makes it a great tool if you are embarking on landscaping with the intent of erecting fence posts on your property. However, this is not it only exclusive function. When selecting a basic auger for your earthmoving equipment ore, you can consider a range of other boring tools that can be attached to it. One popular option is cutting blades that will allow you to eliminate long grass before opting to excavate the earth.

Two-man operated augers

As the name suggests, this type of auger attachment would have to be handled by two people at a time. The two-man operated auger tends to be much more powerful that the basic auger. It also requires petrol to run. One of the biggest advantages of two-man operated augers is that they allow you to excavate the earth in an array of directions, hence you are not limited to simply boring into the earth horizontally. To do this, one individual will be operating the levers and the gears of the auger. This facilitates moving the auger in and out of the earth. The second individual operating the auger will be tasked with deciding at which angle the auger will penetrate the earth. Therefore, this second operator will focus on positioning the auger into position.

It should be noted that the two-man auger attachment should only be considered if your earthmoving project covers a significant tract of land. Being a powerful tool it would be put to waste if it is hired for small earthmoving projects that would not be able to use it to its maximum potential.