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Need Your House Demolished? What You Should Know First

by Nisanur Kronenberg

If you are doing a major remodel of your house, demolition might be required. This may be demolition of just one small area or a large portion of the house. Before you start the demolition, there are a few things you should know first.

Have Inspections Done

It is important that you not just start having your house demolished without first knowing exactly what is being torn down. If the house was to have a lot of mould, it could cause illness not just to the workers, but any family members who were in the vicinity at the time. The inspections look for any dangerous elements to your house that might get released into the air supply during renovations, such as asbestos or lead paint. Other hazardous things the inspections look for are mould, wood that is rotting and severe pest infestations.

You Need to Figure Out how to Dispose of Materials

Something many people forget to do is arrange for disposal of materials after the demolition is complete. Contractors might include disposing of the waste but not always. If you want to salvage materials to give away or have them recycled, you may need to arrange this on your own. For small demolition projects you are doing yourself, renting a skip bin is ideal. There are some bins that can be used for trash, while others are used specifically for recyclables or yard waste. Make sure you get the right one and find out first if you need a permit to park it in front of your house. If you are hiring a professional to complete the demolition, ask if they handle the waste as well.

Avoid Doing the Demolition Yourself

Some of the smaller demolition jobs might be something you can handle, but for the most part, it is best that you leave it to the professionals. They have all the right tools and equipment, know how to check for utilities beforehand, and will inspect the area before beginning. The professional demolition company also has insurance, so if anything happens to your home or their employees get injured while completing the work, the costs are covered. You would be responsible for these costs out-of-pocket if you tried to do it yourself.

Know What is Included in the Demolition Service

When you do hire a professional demolition company, find out exactly what is covered. Some companies include the inspection, while others require you to get this done beforehand. The demolition company might arrange for permits for you, which is always a good thing to look for. Also look to see how they check for utilities and what they do in the event they cause damage to your home.

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