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Replacement Truck Seats: 4 Discomfort Causes They Should Address

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Several factors cause drivers to feel uncomfortable when they sit in truck seats for long hours. One way to address that discomfort is to buy an aftermarket seat that fixes the problems that the previous seat had. This article discusses some of the causes of truck driver discomfort that aftermarket truck seats can address.

Circulation Occlusion

Some truck seat cushions are so stiff that their edges can gradually restrict the circulation of blood to the lower limbs. This blood occlusion can even cause long-term health complications if the problem isn't addressed. Aftermarket truck seats often address this problem by providing seats whose cushions aren't stiff. Additionally, the seats may come with a control that enables the driver to control the magnitude of support offered to the buttocks. This varying support can also increase or decrease the seat stiffness according to the needs of the driver.

Nerve Occlusion

Driver discomfort can also arise if a nerve in the body is compressed during a trip. Cushion stiffness may also be a factor in this problem. The other likely cause of this discomfort is the limited range of vertical movement of the seat. Such limited movement can compel the driver to be in a posture that doesn't allow his or her feet to touch the ground comfortably. Aftermarket seats allow the driver to adjust the seat height to a level that he or she is comfortable with. Wider seat cushions can also alleviate the problem of nerve occlusion for drivers who find their current seats to be too narrow for them.


Truck seats can heat up and cause driver discomfort during trips. This heat can arise due to the limited breathability of some seat upholstery materials, such as vinyl seat covers. Aftermarket seats have several features that can address this heat. For instance, they may have leather or cloth covers. Some models even have ventilation.

Whole Body Vibrations

The quality of the ride can also cause driver discomfort in the form of exposure to high levels of vibration. These vibrations often vary based on the surface upon which the truck is being driven. For instance, dirt roads may cause more vibrations in comparison to asphalt roads. Replacement seats address this problem through air or mechanical suspension systems that absorb most of the vibrations before they can reach the driver.

As you can see, replacement truck seats are available to fix the different comfort issues that you may be experiencing as you drive your truck. Talk to your fleet manager and ask him or her to replace the current seat so that you can focus better once you are comfortable.