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Operating a Forklift Truck: 3 Potential Hazards

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Forklifts are a great tool to use on any construction site. A forklift will allow you to transport a range of materials from one location to another at speed. Counterbalance forklifts are especially popular among construction contractors as they do not feature any additional outraging, which allows for fast loading and unloading. Counterbalance forklifts are also compact when compared to other types of machine, which means they can be operated in tight spaces. However, it is vital that whoever operates a forklift truck is properly trained. Below is a guide to 3 hazards you should be aware of when transporting a load using a forklift truck.

Other members of the workforce

When driving a forklift truck around a construction site, it is important that you keep in mind that you will not always be able to see those around you. Problems with blind spots are increased when you are transporting a load as it may block your forward vision. You should always check around your vehicle before setting off to ensure that no one is in a blind spot. You should also instruct another member of your crew to act as a spotter. The spotter can walk ahead of you to ensure there are no people or obstacles in your way. You should also keep your speed down to give other contractors the chance to move out of the way as your approach and to reduce the potential of any injuries in the event of a collision.

Any attachments 

Forklift trucks can be fitted with a variety of attachments such as carton clamps, paper roll clamps and drum clamps. These attachments allow the forklift to carry a larger variety of goods. However, when an attachment is fitted to a forklift truck, it may alter the amount of clearance required to pass safely. The added width may also make it difficult to manoeuvre the forklift in the usual way. Attachments can also change the machine's centre of gravity, which could result in the truck tipping over when it is fully loaded.

Oversized loads

When operating a forklift truck on a construction site, you may sometimes be asked to transport oversized loads such as piping or large concrete blocks. It can be difficult to secure any oversized load to the forks on the truck, which can increase the chance that they will fall free and injure someone or damage property. If you are transporting oversized loads, you should request that all other work on site stop until the job is complete. Doing so will drastically reduce the chance of an accident.

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