Learn New Things and Change Your View: Heavy Construction Equipment

What you need to know before applying for high risk jobs

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Many building or commercial roles require you to work with forklifts or other heavy vehicles. If you want to work with these high risk vehicles you will need to undergo formal training through a place like All Onsite Training and Assessment and earn a licence before you can be employed. As a potential forklift driver, or an operator of high risk plant, you will find that professional training from qualified assessors is the only way get the licence you need. Receiving AOTA training can show you how to safely work with high risk equipment and will ensure that you understand how to work in a way that does not endanger yourself or other workers.

What type of work requires a licence?

All work which is designated high risk requires workers to obtain a licence to demonstrate that they can perform the task safely. This includes working with forklifts, elevating platforms, and cranes, as well as tasks utilising scaffolding and rigging. If you find that you need a licence before you can be employed then you will have to find a company that offers training leading to heavy vehicle licences.

Where can I receive the training I need?

Look for a company that has experience assessing workers across a range of high risk tasks, and that is formally recognised by the relevant authorities. They will be able to explain what level of training is needed, and which qualification you is appropriate for you to work towards. Once you have completed your training you should receive a nationally accredited statement of attainment along with your licence assessment results. This will demonstrate to all concerned that you have been fully trained and assessed as competent to complete high risk work.

How can obtaining a licence help me?

Obtaining a forklift licence or a similar qualification is a great way to increase your employability and to demonstrate to a potential employer that you are a potentially valuable employee. Having the required qualification increases the probability that you will be hired and if hired that you will receive a higher rate of pay, as you will be capable of taking on more roles within the company.

Whatever high risk work you need to undertake you should talk to a professional training company today. They will be able to guide you towards the right course, and ensure that you receive the training you need to safely complete high risk work to the full satisfaction of any employer.