Learn New Things and Change Your View: Heavy Construction Equipment

Two Heavy-Duty Vehicles Perfect For Your Next Construction Project

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Every construction site comes with many different jobs that require many different vehicles to fulfil the requirements of those jobs properly. From moving tonnes of equipment to transporting massive amounts of waste and everything in between, there are not many things going on at a construction site that do not require a vehicle involved at some stage. Due to this, it is very important that you get the most efficient and value for money vehicles you can because, after all, they can be expensive, especially when you are wasting their potential. Here are two vehicles that you should consider investing in for your next job.


Most people think of semitrailers from the long road trains you can see when travelling interstate, but despite being great for that purpose, semitrailers have a long history of working at construction sites too. Semitrailers can move a massive amount of weight and that means they can move all your heavy-duty equipment to the site often in one go. You can utilise them even better by getting one tailored specifically for your job, as semitrailers come in a variety of different configurations, from ones with side curtains to flat tops and from ones with massive load-bearing limits to ones that have a massive height threshold. Think about how many trips in your own vehicles it takes to set up construction sites and then remember that all those trips across town and through traffic can be matched by just one or two journeys in a semitrailer.

Crane Truck

Almost every construction site will use a crane at some point to lift the heavy materials that make our amazing modern buildings directly into the sky. While fixed cranes are a necessity in some cases far more often a crane truck does the job of a fixed crane much better and quicker. With all the benefits of a fixed crane and the added manoeuvrability of a car, crane trucks are a must on projects where workspace can be at a real premium. Just like semitrailers, crane trucks also come in a variety of specifications from differing maximum heights to differing weight limits, so it is important that you ensure the crane truck you get is the right one for your construction site. Even if your site does require a fixed crane, there is a high probability that you will also need smaller cranes to keep the workflow moving. Remember, having the right vehicle for the job will dramatically cut down on your costs and time spent fixing problems down the track, so plan well and be prepared for anything.