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Commercial Construction: Planning for Bored Pier Foundation Installation

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Bored piers are favourable for building foundations for commercial properties. In general, these types of foundational elements will minimise the settling of structures after construction. This type of foundation is also advantageous because it is an economical solution. Simply speaking, the piers can be installed fast, and the labour demand is relatively low. In addition, these foundation elements do not cause a lot of disturbance during installation. If you decide to use bored piers, here are simple planning tips to help you get a good outcome:

Know Your Site

You should know your building site before beginning bored pier design and construction. In simple terms, it is important to investigate the specific characteristics of your land. This process is crucial because bored piers might not be the best choice for your project. In simple terms, bored piers are reliable for foundation building, but they are not perfect for every site. In addition, an investigation will help you determine the best approach for installing the piers if they are suitable for your building.

Design the Ideal Piers

When using bored piers in your construction project, you must ensure that you have the best elements for your foundation. These piers are not homogenous in appearance and capabilities; therefore, when designing the piers, you must ensure that the final product will match your specific requirements. In general, you should think about the weight of your structure before designing the piers. Deeper and thicker members will be needed for high-rise and high-capacity buildings. Moreover, you will need to think about the soil condition; if the ground is firm and stable, you can use lighter piers.

Consider Equipment

You should think about the acquisition of crucial heavy construction equipment for pier installation. Simply speaking, you will need special machinery for the efficient placement of the foundational members. If you fail to acquire the drill rigs and other pieces of equipment, you could experience unexpected project delays. The right machines and attachments will depend on the scope of your building work. However, you will need suitable drills which can be mounted on excavators or cranes.  

Choose a Contractor

Finally, you should select and hire a qualified contractor. Bored pier installation is not a simple task. If your professional is not experienced, you might not achieve the best performance after the construction work is completed. When choosing a contractor, look for a specialist in pier foundations. Moreover, they should provide the full range of services, including pier design, equipment provision and foundation integrity testing.