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4 Money Saving Tips As You Hire A Mobile Crane

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Mobile crane hire is suitable for people who cannot afford to purchase the equipment or those that need it for a short period. Most people presume that it is expensive to hire a crane. Below are some tips to help you save cash as you rent the mobile crane.

Tip 1: Choose A Suitable Crane

A common mistake made by some people is choosing a crane that is too small or too big for their current operation. If you select a larger crane, you will incur unnecessary, additional costs. When you hire a smaller crane, your project will take longer to complete. Alternatively, you may be forced to rent another crane. As such, it is always essential to conduct a site inspection and examine what you will be lifting to know what kind of crane you need. Cranes have different specifications regarding the amount of weight they can lift and the length of their boom. Therefore, look for a hire company that provides the equipment you need.

Tip 2: Understand And Bargain The Terms Of Hire

Once you find a suitable crane, ask the company to provide you with the hire contract. You must understand the terms and conditions of hire. For example, you may be penalised for late repayments. The company may also ask you to cater for transport costs. Negotiate the terms and conditions of this contract. For example, other than providing free transport, the company should also reduce the daily charge if the equipment is idle. Many companies will be more than willing to adjust these terms for people that need the crane for an extended period.

Tip 3: Early Bookings

Most mobile crane hire companies will give discounts to customers who book the equipment in advance. If you plan to build in the summer, you could book the crane during the winter months. Crane hire companies sometimes have discounted charges in the off-season since there is a low demand for the equipment.

Tip 4: Insurance

The crane must have a valid insurance cover. Accidents can happen at the site, causing injuries and destruction of property. Without adequate insurance cover, you would be forced to pay for damages. Preferably, you should also have a general liability insurance cover if you are a contractor working on a client's property. 

When hiring a mobile crane, save money by choosing a suitable crane, negotiating the terms of hire, making early bookings and having adequate insurance coverage. Remember to bargain the hourly or daily charge. Pitting one company against another may help you to secure a discount.

To learn more about mobile crane hire, contact a construction equipment supplier near you.