Learn New Things and Change Your View: Heavy Construction Equipment

Equipment Rental Tips

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Contractors and DIY builders often hire construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, mixers, concrete pumps, and compactors. Hiring this equipment requires due diligence and careful consideration since you do not want to risk downtime and repair expenses. Below are some tips to ease the rental process. 

Tip 1: Determine What You Need

Assess your site needs to determine the machines that you need to complete the construction works. For instance, you could need excavators to build the foundation, concrete mixers, and pumps at later stages of the construction work. Create a list of the machines required, at what stage you will need them, and how long they will be in use. If possible, hire the equipment from one company. It will help prevent the inconvenience of dealing with different service providers with varying terms of use. Besides, most companies will offer discounts and free services if you rent a lot of equipment. 

Tip 2: Go For High-Quality Machines

A mistake made by some people is that they do not examine the equipment before it arrives at their sites. Talk to other contractors and engineers to establish the best models for your site. For example, when working in the rains or a flood plain, the rented equipment must have water-resistant features. Besides, it should have safety features to prevent incidences of water contamination and short circuits. Most equipment will have been in use for quite a while. Therefore, it would be wise to assess their mechanical condition. Most companies will provide you with the equipment's maintenance schedule to guarantee that the machine rented is in excellent condition. 

Tip 3: Consider Wet Hire If You Cannot Operate The Machines

Most people will automatically go for dry hire since it is a considerably cheaper option. However, you do not have to risk accidents or equipment damage if you cannot operate the machine. Most rental companies will offer trained personnel to operate and maintain the equipment. If you wish to save costs, ask the company to deploy operators who can operate more than one machine at your site. For example, excavator operators can also drive bulldozers. Similarly, most riggers are experienced scaffolders. 

Tip 4: Compare Quotes And Terms 

Since you intend to rent many machines, it is only fitting that you work with reasonably priced companies. As such, request a quote from several companies in your locality, alongside their terms and conditions. This guarantees an easy time when choosing a hiring company. For example, you could opt to work with a slightly expensive company that offers free transport, repair, and operation services. 

When getting an equipment hire, determine what you need, go for high-quality machines, consider wet hire, and compare quotes.