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A Guide To Buying Trailer Parts

by Nisanur Kronenberg

People who own trailers experience difficulties sourcing parts for their trailers. Unlike car parts, you might not find trailer parts at your local auto parts dealer. So, how do you source and buy trailer parts? Below are some insights. 

Buying From The Manufacturer

It is probably the easiest way to source trailer parts. Most trailers feature some form of customisation. For instance, it could have wider dimensions, which affect the size of the axles, brake lines, and frame. Moreover, the trailer could incorporate extras such as safety lights, hydraulic brakes, and fenders. The trailer's hauling capacity could also determine the size of the couplers and safety locks. Most manufacturers will readily supply compatible parts since they may have built similar trailers. The benefit of manufacturer-sourced parts is that they are made specifically for your trailer. Moreover, they come with a guarantee. 

Buying Used Trailer Parts 

You could also purchase used trailer parts from car wreckers and other owners. Consider these tips when buying used trailer parts: 

  • Test the used part to ensure it fits in your trailer. Slight deviations could affect the part's functionality and compromise the trailer's safety.
  • Assess the component to determine whether it is a worthy purchase. Rust, bends and cracks indicate that the part will not last long on your trailer.
  • As a rule, the seller should give guarantees. It prevents you from incurring losses if you unknowingly purchase a defective part.
  • If you cannot find a part in excellent condition, buy one in an acceptable state and take it for refurbishing. The process restores the used part and ensures it fits on your trailer. 

Internet Purchases

Internet purchases suit people who want to purchase aftermarket parts for their trailers. For instance, you may need a performance suspension system, taillights, a ramp, ratchet straps, or a hitch. The downside of online purchases is that you cannot test the part. Therefore, examine customer reviews to establish the durability and functionality of the component. These reviews help you determine the authenticity of the part's specifications. Moreover, assess the manufacturer's reputation. Some companies are known for making durable and high-quality trailer parts. Furthermore, the companies stress-test the parts to ensure they can withstand regular abuse. 

Vet the online dealer before buying the cart and other trailer parts. Typically, they should have an excellent rating. Besides, assess their pricing against other dealers selling the same component. Be aware of additional charges such as shipping and taxes, which might not be included in the asking price. Finally, use discounts coupons and negotiate the dealer's price.