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Some vital safety checks when using a crane in your construction project

by Nisanur Kronenberg

Cranes are an important part of any construction project that involves heavy lifting, particularly at height. However, it is vital that this machinery is used safely. Here are some tips to make sure your crane use is safe.

Use trained operators

Firstly, it is a legal requirement that your crane operator is fully trained and licensed by your State authority. Cranes are too complicated to be operated by someone who has not received thorough training, and even someone who is experienced with heavy machinery could make a mistake that causes an accident. The safest route is to hire an operator along with the crane.

Check the ground

Next, make sure you are not trying to operate the crane on unsafe terrain. The ground must be strong enough to support both the crane and its load. You should make sure there are no obstructions or holes near where the crane is to be moved, and bear in mind that bad weather conditions may have weakened the ground or made it more slippery than usual. A crane is only as stable as its surface, so don't take risks by operating it on unsafe ground.

Inspect the load

Thirdly, never try to lift a load until you have checked that it is safe to do so. The load should not be too heavy for the crane — the manufacturer or supplier will provide details of the maximum weight that the crane can lift, and you should never tried to exceed it as this could cause the crane to topple over. You should also make sure that the load is properly secure and that nothing will fall off when it is being lifted.

Check the attachments

You should also make sure that any lifting attachments you use with the crane are made to a very high standard. The attachments need to be as strong as the crane itself, and so should have been properly tested and certified as suitable for use. Attachments that do not have the correct compliance label may be too weak to lift the load that you want. It will in any case not be legal to use such attachments.

Proper attention to safety will ensure that your project passes without accident and that all loads are lifted correctly and efficiently. For more information on how to operate a crane safely, just talk to any manufacturer or heavy plant rental business. For more information on cranes, contact a professional near you.